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Guide Notes: March 30, 2023

A whole host of new guides that have been released over the last few weeks!
Publié le Mar 30, 2023

Hello friends,

Back again with another slew of guides from our community call and some meta content guides too!

Beginner Spellbreaker

Another fantastic beginner build by ScoobySharky. They are chipping away at a long list of builds that they want to publish, with already so many completed. The guide above will provide you with a basic understand of how Power Spellbreaker works and functions as stepping stone to the real deal.

Gameplay Guides

Continuing with the Warrior theme, we've got two new gameplay guides. Power Spellbreaker and Power Bladesworn are fan favourites and so have both received some love and attention via gameplay guides. These comprehensive guides give tips and tricks to all applicable raid encounters.

We also have some purple content coming back with an updated Power Quickness Chronomancer Gameplay guide. Newly updated for the February patch.

Community Call

Five new guides have come out of the community call from a very patient and hard working team! In no particular order;

The two guides above are aimed to help newer players understand the different types of gear that are available and which items are most commonly seen in particular builds. Although it is not feasable to cover all possible variations and items, the guide covers more than enough for a basic introduction. The second guide provides a fundamental understanding into the variety of different roles that are required when raiding. This will give new players a solid basis to avoid an unwanted surpirses of what is expected of them.

Our new guide is a role that many new players have issues with and has been long overdue a proper guide. This guide will give you the ins and outs of show to do Towers as a Chronomancer. Now you can become the hero that learns how to portal (and does the role that no one wants to.)

Finally, we have two new strike guides! We are slowly but surely progressing on our strike guides as it is an enormous task! If you're suddenly getting that urge to type away some content, here's your chance! We are looking to build out our strike content and have more guides. Please get in touch with Hodge or Harry if you want to contribute!


A final note to add is that Moe has been steaming ahead with our Dungeon content. We now have three dungeons completely written up with guides. Go check them out and bring back the love for Dungeons.