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Gameplay Guides: November 28, 2022

New and updated gameplay guides for Ranger, Thief and Revenant.
Publié le Nov 28, 2022

Hey friends,

I just wanted to start with a small apology for the lack of communication over the past 6 months. Content and guides have been receiving updates during the silent period but now communication is coming back with a vengeance. Our content updates will be communicated via news posts on the main website with a discord post simultaneously. This is the first experiment with our new style of communication and hope that this will go well.

All the content that is listed below is still relevant post patch.

We've had some great content updated this month for ranger, thief and revenant. You will also notice that we have trimmed down our guides. "Introduction to <buildname>" and "Utilities and Traits" have been merged and moved into our core set of guides. This is a work in progress and we will continue to update gameplay guides as time passes.

Ranger Gameplay Guides

We are pleased to announce that two of our Soulbeast Gameplay guides have been updated. These guides cover all bosses, at least where the builds are relevant. Tune in post patch for some Untamed guides!

Revenant Gameplay Guides

As Power Herald has slipped back into mainsteam gaming, it was time to release gameplay guides. Herald is becoming a solid choice for proving subgroup quickness so check out the guide to spruce up your knowledge.

Hand Kite Herald has also received an update. Unfortunately this build had been left in the dark for a little bit, but now it has returned and been updated!

Thief Gameplay Guides

Thief received some much needed love. Three of our Thief Gameplay guides have been updated, with more to follow post patch!

Introductory Guides

Our new introductory guides are an amalgamation of two sections from our previous generation of build guides. Repeated information was rampant which has since been removed thanks to our new format. This new content structure will make a clear separation between beginner and intermediate content. The Introductory guides aim to give you a basic overview of how a profession works, the different skill types and mechanics for each specialization, important trait lines and finally the different breakbar skills available.

As per usual if you find any mistakes, errors or simply want to thank our amazing authors, then please post on our discord in the appropriate channel.