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[Riz]zaan's Vanguard

currently inactive: Multi-Level Raid & Strike Community – 5-Year Legacy – Strong Focus on Individualism & Personal Freedom – 4-5 Events/Week – Comprehensive In-Guild Mentoring System ("Path of Progression") – We are cool
Dévoué Europe Avu.6257 or Lord Filofax.1206

Standing strong since 2017, the Vanguard has evolved in many ways, from WvW Raids, Fractals, casual PvE, and PvE Raid Training, all the way to a currently very broad activity field with a focus on instanced PvE content on all levels, including full clears and CMs of any sort. Throughout the years, we've continuously improved both in experience & performance, and in our ways of teaching & mentoring, allowing for a structurally guided, yet individually approachable pathway towards instanced PvE mastery. Above all, the Vanguard stands for a strong, open, and enduring Community, offering a home to motivated & kind players of any sort.

  • Open-mindedness
  • Healthy curiosity
  • Raid/Strike experience helpful but not necessary
  • Be friendly and respectful
  • On higher level content: flexibility in terms of Roles & Mechanics
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