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Snow Crows
EU - Compétitif
We like Crows, specifically those in the snow.
Raid Academy
NA - Entrainement
Guild Wars 2 Raid Academy [NA] is a raid training Discord community that has been operating since June 2017. Our main objective is to offer a non-judgmental environment for new and more experienced players alike.
Raid Training Initiative [RTI]
EU - Entrainement
[RTI] Raid Training Initiative is one of the largest EU Guild Wars 2 raid training communities, dedicated towards welcoming new raiders into raids and strike CMs in a friendly environment. We have a very active schedule where we offer raids on a daily basis.
The Crossroads Inn
EU - Entrainement
We are The Crossroads Inn [EU], a raid training community on discord. We run official raid trainings every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 CE(S)T. No prior raid knowledge needed our trainer and staff team is there to teach you all about raiding!
We Buy Raids [oRly]
NA - Engagé
We Buy Raids [oRly] is a NA based semi-hardcore raiding guild with a dedication aimed at fast/efficient clears and clean sells. We are currently looking for fill members for our statics and sell team.
Dumpster Fire Banana Squad
NA - Engagé
Dumpster Fire Banana Squad [DFBS] is a North American Casual static that clears Wings 1-7 on a weekly basis (1 evening for Heart of Thorns, and 1 evening for Path of Fire).
Raid Lern Gilde
EU - Entrainement
[RLG] "Raid Lern Gilde" is a german training guild for raids.
Hardstuck Escort
EU - Engagé
Monkey see, monkey do. Weekly full clear static
Raid League
NA - Compétitif
Quick Note: Raid League is open to anyone on NA or EU, it's required to select just 1 region though.
[LN] Literal Nobodies
EU - Social
we go around pinging superior sigils of leeching and dropping a row of feasts of fire salsa.